A woman was shot and wounded in one of two separate shootings in the Riverton neighborhood in Portland overnight, the Police Department said Saturday.

In one case, a bullet rang through the wall of a bedroom where a mother and her young child were sleeping. The mother said Saturday she was shocked and frightened.

The first incident occured about 8 p.m. Friday when a caller reported hearing several gunshots in the area of Springbrook Way. A witness told police that vehicles had just left the area after the shots were heard.

The second incident occurred about 3 a.m. Saturday, when a resident of Springbrook Way told police that a bullet had come through her window. Police in Westbrook said a 20-year-old woman had fled there after being shot while sitting in her parked car on Springbrook Way.

The woman was taken to Maine Medical Center for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Westbrook police declined to offer details about the woman, referring questions to the Portland Police Department, which is investigating.

Portland police found several spent casings, and confirmed that one of the bullets passed through a wall into the bedroom.


Nimo Abdi said she was sleeping with her 4-year-old child when the bullet tore through her home.

“It was almost 3 o’clock,” she said. “When I heard the gun, I woke up. I checked the outside. It was very scary.”

The shooting shook the house, she said.

“My child is very scared. I’m worried. But nobody (in her household) was shot,” she said. “We need the police to help the people.”

On some nights her husband sleeps on the side of the bedroom where the bullet struck, but her husband was at work that night.

Riverton Park, located off Forest Avenue, is a densely populated housing complex with many children.


“We are fortunate that no one was seriously injured during these senseless actions,” Police Chief Heath Gorham said in a statement. “It sickens me to think that an innocent child was almost struck by one of these bullets.”

A man who lives in Riverton Park said the neighborhood is nice and quiet during the day, but that at night there are people sitting in their parked cars for hours. “They’re in their cars all night,” said the man, who asked not to be identified. “We don’t know them. They come here to park and other people come to visit them.”

Another resident, Scott Morris, said he wasn’t aware of the shootings. But when he went outside about 5:30 a.m., he saw several police cruisers and a crime scene van. “I saw the basketball court to the second building roped off,” Morris said.

A few months ago, Morris said, housing complex administrators sent a memo to residents cautioning them about inviting guests who may break the law. Authorities found some dents from gunshots in the front door of a building, he said. “They were concerned because there are a lot of little ones around.”

Police investigators ask anyone who has information in the case to call 874-8575.

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