It seems like President Biden is blaming everything bad in the country on the Republican Party, when he should be blaming the government employees who milk the system.

We have a catastrophic need for more workers, yet we deny jobs to immigrants coming across our borders by the thousands. We support them, but we cannot provide services for our own citizens.

In Portland, we have a City Council who won’t make decisions but chooses referendums when they know only a small percentage of residents will even vote. Nonresidents cannot vote on issues that affect their property taxes.

Our government passes out money to anyone who cries for help. Everyone claps and raves when they think they will get more money, but the laugh’s on them. Who do they think makes up the difference to pay for other things? We all do! Anyone who buys anything will see prices going higher. It’s a vicious circle, but paying someone at McDonald’s wages as high, if not higher, than someone who has a job with much more responsibility – sometimes under dangerous circumstances – does not seem equitable to me.

We are at a point where we can no longer be complacent. We need to teach critical thinking and logic. Common sense has flown out the window, but hopefully, if the wind blows in the right direction, we can regain some sense of logic before we destroy our country from within.

Elizabeth Thompson
South Portland

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