LEWISTON — Bates College officials sent out an alert to the campus community Wednesday, after a student was reportedly assaulted while walking on campus.

The text was sent about 4 p.m., shortly after the assault occurred. A short time later, Paul Menice, director of campus safety, sent a follow-up email.

“I write to tell you of an incident on campus this afternoon,” Menice wrote to students, faculty and staff. “A student walking on Alumni Walk, between Hathorn and Parker (halls), was approached and struck by an unidentified man who then fled toward Russell Street. The attack was unprovoked.”

According to Menice, the unidentified man was wearing gray pants and no shirt. He was described as having a thin build and standing roughly 6 feet, 1 inch tall. He may have also had a cut on his face, Menice added.

No further information was released about the student who was struck.

According to one source, the suspect, who was bleeding from a cut on his face, had followed a student into the school library earlier in the day. Lewiston police were called to assist with an investigation.

Menice advised students to use extra caution as the investigation got underway.

“I ask that you take extra care to be aware of your surroundings as you move around campus,” he wrote. “Please report any sightings of someone who appears to match the above description to Campus Safety at either 786-6254 or 786-6111. If you need any support, there are resources available to you on campus.”

Reporters from The Bates Student newspaper were following the story later Wednesday.

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