More than ever, we need competent leadership in Augusta. North Yarmouth and Gray have a chance to vote for that in November by electing Anne Graham as our state legislator.

Anne is a retired nurse practitioner, a former member of the North Yarmouth Select Board, a mom of three and she served in the Legislature from 2010-2014. She knows the job and she knows the people of her district. Anne is focused on the issues that matter to people in Maine – affordable health care; strong, well-funded schools; access to reproductive health; the development of renewable energy; and property tax relief for our seniors – not the headline-grabbing culture wars.

Our district deserves a steady hand in Augusta. We deserve someone who has worked across the aisle and knows how to get the job done. If you live in North Yarmouth or Gray, please join me in voting for Anne Graham for State Legislature.

Jeff Candura
North Yarmouth

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