Question 2 opponents and supporters focus on the role of the mayor of Portland. The responsibilities of the City Council are every bit as relevant.

The council would be able to overturn a mayoral veto with only one additional vote (two-thirds is eight out of 12) and could remove a mayor with nine votes.

The council would be expanded, with four new district councilors. It’s not 36 councilors, like the pre-1923 charter, but it does restore the original nine neighborhood districts.

The council would be able to choose their own chair, who would set the agenda. This would avoid the position in which Ethan Strimling and Kate Snyder found themselves: chair of the council, while being in the minority.

The council would confirm department heads nominated by the mayor, which may lead to more scrutiny than nominations by a city manager.

The council would develop and implement a participatory budgeting system.

Consider all this when you vote!

Winston Lumpkins IV

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