From A to B – Unpacking Portland’s Competing Referendum Questions on Short-Term Rentals

Question A, proposed by a group of short-term rental operators, seeks to limit corporate owners from registering short-term rentals. Question B, one of the questions proposed by the Maine chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, would reduce the number of short-term rentals. Both groups oppose the other’s proposal and a third group, Enough Is Enough, opposes both – and every other question on the ballot. How much of an effect do short-term rentals have on Portland’s rental market? How important are short-term rentals to our local economy? Join us for answers to these questions and many more.

Press Herald Opinion Editor Siobhán Brett sat down with Chris Korzen, Brit Vitalius and Wes Pelletier on Zoom to talk more about this issue.

On the panel:

Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer

Chris Korzen is an entrepreneur, homeowner, and former political activist who helps lead the “Committee to Keep Portland Local” campaign in support of Question A. He also directs software engineering for a national payments company and co-owns a manufacturing business based in the Old Port. Chris has called Portland home for the past twenty years and currently lives in the India Street neighborhood.


Brit Vitalius founded Vitalius Real Estate Group in 2011 as a boutique agency in Portland. He has served for more than a decade as President of the Rental Housing Alliance of Southern Maine (formerly the Southern Maine Landlord Association), a local non-profit group of rental housing providers from across the industry. He is a founding member of the Quality Housing Coalition, serves as President of the Portland Community Chamber of Commerce, and co-chairs the Greater Portland Board of Realtors LPAC Committee. Brit personally owns apartment buildings in Portland and hosts three short-term rental units.

Wes Pelletier is a lifelong Maine resident and community organizer serving as the Chair of the Maine DSA for a Livable Portland campaign. Maine DSA is a member-run, member-funded organization focusing on the intersectional fight for affordable housing, labor solidarity, reproductive rights, and environmental justice throughout the state.


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