I’m sure the folks who have the power to fight the battle for our lobstermen understand that Seafood Watch is run by the Monterey Aquarium, which is funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation (which purports to support children, families and a sustainable environment), all of which are based in California, a state of irresponsible forestry policies resulting in horrific wildfires.

California is a state of an unconscionable amount of homelessness, crime, welfare and other characteristics totally unlike anything in Maine. Those individuals who are bent on destroying our lobster industry need to fly to our state (not on a nonprofit private jet) and learn the real policies and goals of our hardworking fishermen who have complied with every request made of them.

Finally, I request that our Maine delegation, and our governor, go to Washington, camp on the doorstep of our White House and demand that the president use his executive powers, which he knows how to do, to call for a cease and desist of all federal and nonprofit groups who know nothing about the demise of whales to stop calling for unreasonable and unscientific demands that will result in the demise of an all-American, hardworking lobster fishing industry.

Daphne Warren

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