All legislation involves negotiation and compromise, often leaving everyone somewhat dissatisfied because they didn’t get exactly what they wanted. That is certainly the case with President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

Even then, what a triumph. Medicare will be able to negotiate some drug prices. At last, some meaningful monies and programs will confront the devastation of climate change. For those who want an electric vehicle, the tax credit might make it affordable. All with no new taxes on families earning $400,000 or less and no new taxes on small businesses.

In these difficult, angry times, Biden has passed other meaningful legislation. There are now some sane and sensible gun laws, in particular the closing of the “boyfriend” loophole, adding boyfriends to those prohibited from owning guns if convicted of domestic abuse.

I also applaud the CHIPS Act, which will help American businesses focus on producing all-important semiconductors, providing billions of dollars in financial incentives to boost domestic research and manufacturing in the United States.

And it’s about time that the veterans who were horribly exposed to toxic hazards had their VA benefits brought in line with reality.

There are flaws in most of the laws, but I am so grateful that, under President Biden, we can make meaningful progress.

Polly Shaw

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