Anne Gass is running as an independent to represent District 104 – all of New Gloucester and part of Gray.

She’s a caring woman who puts in time and effort to help others. I’ve lived in Gray for over 20 years and have watched her in action as a town councilor and citizen volunteer. Have you hiked along the Libby Hill trail network? Anne’s a prime mover behind that effort.

She’d be great in Augusta, advocating for health care, affordable housing and women’s rights. This student of history, wife, mother, outdoorswoman and advocate for those who need strong representation will do good things for District 104 and the entire state.

Read about her ideas and achievements on her website. Read about the two books she’s written. Whatever you do, make sure you vote for someone who’s looking out for you and your family.

Check her out at

Sharon Bondroff
Steve Bunker