I urge voters to support Gov. Janet Mills again – for a lot of reasons:

She has worked with Democrats, Republicans and independents to get done the real work of the people of this state.

Gov. Mills has steered Maine through the COVID pandemic. Former Gov. Paul LePage wanted to reopen everything a few months into the pandemic.

Gov Mills has expanded health care to nearly 100,000 Mainers. The previous governor blocked voter-approved Medicaid expansion from being put into place.

Gov. Mills fully funded education for the first time in state history. The previous governor failed to do so in any of the eight years that he served.

Mills has protected reproductive rights and has been a strong supporter of the LGBT community. The former governor opposes abortion rights, supported “conversion therapy” and argued against marriage equality.

It’s a stark choice, so get out there and vote!

Richard Foss-Lacey
South Portland