The Yarmouth Democratic Committee endorses the charter amendment as proposed on Yarmouth’s Nov. 8 ballot. In 2018, a charter amendment that defined the qualifications for candidates for the Town Council was passed by referendum. Unfortunately, the policy was too restrictive and eliminated all potential candidates for Town Council who were employed by the town or schools, thereby preventing a large group of working people, including many women, from serving.

This year, the Town Council passed a proposal to amend the 2018 charter amendment. The new amendment will only restrict those who work for the town or schools in higher-level management positions from serving, allowing a larger and more diverse group of people to serve, while eliminating the potential for conflicts of interest.

The Yarmouth Democratic Committee is committed to supporting policies that promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and strongly supports voting yes on the new charter amendment.

Kathryn Sharpless
Vice chairwoman,
Yarmouth Democratic Committee