Here are the five Senate and five House races where party organizations and other outside groups are spending the most money. The figures include spending through Oct. 10. They do not include the money raised and spent by the candidates themselves.


1. District 1: Rep. Sue Bernard, R-Caribou, vs. incumbent Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash
Total: $263,344
Supporting Jackson: $210,494
Supporting Bernard: $40,929

2. District 14: Rep. Jeff Hanley, R-Pittston, vs. incumbent Sen. Craig Hickman, D-Winthrop
Total: $238,661
Supporting Hickman or opposing Hanley: $207,367
Supporting Hanley: $31,293

3. District 20 (open seat): Republican Eric Brakey of Auburn vs. Democrat Bettyann Sheats of Auburn
Total: $232,009
Supporting Sheats or opposing Brakey: $221,410
Supporting Brakey: $10,598

4. District 11: Incumbent Sen. Glenn Chip Curry, D-Belfast, vs. Rep. MaryAnne Kinney, R-Knox
Total: $164,526
Supporting Curry or opposing Kinney: $153,932
Supporting Kinney: $10,593


5. District 13 (open seat): Democrat Cameron Reny of Round Pond vs. Republican Abden Simmons of Waldoboro
Total: $166,911
Supporting Reny or opposing Simmons: $151,201
Supporting Simmons: $15,709


6. District 83: Republican Donna Dodge of Denmark vs. incumbent Rep. Walter Riseman, I-Harrison
Total: $22,720
Supporting Riseman: $14,469
Supporting Dodge: $8,250

7. District 57: Incumbent Rep. Tavis Hasenfus, D-Readfield, vs. Republican Corey Wilson of Readfield
Total: $20,987
Supporting Hasenfus: $14,363
Supporting Wilson: $6,400

8. District 37 (open seat): Democrat Margaret English-Flanagan of Winterport vs. Republican Reagan Paul of Winterport
Total: $20,478 by eight outside groups.
Supporting English-Flanagan: $12,045
Supporting Paul: $8,432

9. District 48: Incumbent Rep Holly Stover, D-Boothbay, vs. Republican Tricia Warren of Boothbay Harbor
Total: $19,454
Supporting Stover: $14,428
Supporting Warren: $5,025

10. District 86: Incumbent Jessica Fay, D-Raymond, vs. Republican Gregory Foster of Raymond
Total: $19,114
Supporting Fay or opposing Foster: $14,611
Supporting Foster: $4,502

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