Re: “A swarm of omicron variants awaits us this winter,” by Washington Post reporter Carolyn Y. Johnson, Oct. 20, Page A1:

These many COVID-19 variants seem to be hitting us easily. So, my vaccine is now useless or a thing similar? What would COVID have done if we didn’t get our inoculation(s)? Would it be much rarer than it is right now? Would the original virus be weakened right out of existence now? Viruses don’t live forever, so they will stop making people sick after some time. Would COVID have been the same case?

Are we growing coronaviruses stronger and deadlier? And if fret and worry end life sooner because of taking their toll, how is that aspect involved in COVID’s personal adaptability? I sometimes enjoy, even like, being “broke as a joke” because I fret lesser by not “having skin in the game” of life so much. I, at least, have that much riches. I want to encourage people not to fret as much as they might. If I can create peace, then anybody can.

I’ll “have a nice day” if you promise to have one, too. I hope we all can one day sit back and laugh together in the parks or something similar. We used to have parties, barbecues and throw Frisbee when I was young. Life was “peace and love” more than it was “push, push,” too.

Al Martini III

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