This November, voters in Gray and New Gloucester have an opportunity to elect a truly exceptional legislator. That’s why I hope District 104 chooses independent Anne Gass.

Anne has long been recognized as a dynamic and effective community leader. As a member of the SAD 15 school board, she helped transform an under-performing system into one of Maine’s best. As a Gray town councilor, she made our community more livable and prosperous. No one has done more than Anne to change the perception that Gray is just a turnpike exit.

It’s also worth noting that Anne Gass is proudly pro-choice, and has written books about the history of the Maine women’s movement. Her opponent, Amy Arata, is reliably anti-abortion, best known for sponsoring legislation making book bans easier. We need pragmatic problem-solvers in Augusta, not divisive extremists.

Anne Gass is the clear choice in District 104.

Paul Proudian