I’m writing in support of John Lewis for Senate District 29. Cape Elizabeth voters are learning about Anne Carney’s voting record in Augusta, and it’s not good. Carney voted to legalize prostitution in Maine (roll call No. 386) despite the testimony of Dee Clarke and other sex-trafficking victims. Carney voted to prevent police from investigating crimes and criminals (roll call No. 292); if a policeman stops someone running a red light, Carney wanted to prevent them from asking about observations such as “the blood on your shirt” or “the body on the back seat.” Gov. Janet Mills vetoed Carney’s dangerous votes with “stunning rebukes.”

Carney claims to care for Maine’s most vulnerable, but her votes tell a very different story. We need a state senator who is in touch with the voters and their concerns, and who will vote to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Vote for John Lewis. He will collaborate and legislate as a working-class Mainer.

Jeanette Guglielmetti
Cape Elizabeth