While this letter won’t appear before Election Day, I want to respond to the mailer that arrived Nov. 1 in support of Westbrook Ward 2 City Council candidate Jess Moninski. I have never met Jess and her credentials may be strong, but as a lifelong Westbrook resident active in community activities I have never before seen such negative attack politics used locally.

Whether one disagrees with Victor Chau’s policy decision to not support a proclamation, that choice does not render him anti-women or anti-choice or anti-anything, and should not negate many years of dedicated, consistent service to all members of the community. To twist these matters of fact into incorrect and personal-attack campaign messages is dirty politics.

Our local community politics has always been above this, and it saddens me that the majority of the current City Council endorses it. It is incongruent as well that someone in the profession of HR for a nonprofit would employ these tactics.

Eileen Shutts

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