St. James students should get free lunches

To the editor,

I just got through reading Mr. Ryan Fecteau’s article in the Courier about celebrating free meals week at the Biddeford High School cafeteria.

My husband and I volunteer at the St. James School cafeteria and noticed that fewer children have school lunch, and I asked how come. I was told that as of this school year, children of St. James no longer qualified for free meals. What happened to the Full Plate, Full potential mission to end child hunger in schools?

The parents of these children are also dealing with higher costs for feeding their family, pay taxes and higher gas prices at the pump, and with winter coming they also deal with higher oil prices.

I am really appalled that this program was cut for students attending St. James. It’s just not fair!
I hope that Maine House Speaker Ryan Fecteau and the legislater will reconsider and fight to bring back free lunches available to ALL children–no child left behind. The TV commercials were very misleading to all the parents involved.

Stella Forcier
Former lunch lady for 43 year, 36 as director.

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