Conceptual master plan of the project, from the presentation shown to the board. Courtesy image

SCARBOROUGH — Two major projects were on the agenda at the Scarborough Planning Board’s most recent meeting. On Nov. 1 the  planning board approved a site plan review by AR Building to construct 10 three-floor multi-family structures housing a total of 120 residential units and a one-story clubhouse on a 57 acre parcel at 35 Mussey Road — Assessor’s Map R38, Lot 1. The project would include a mix of one- and two-bedroom units being rented at market rate. The project will also preserve 32 acres of open space abutting Warren Woods.

In addition, Crossroads Holdings, LLC presented an amendment to the Master Plan for the town center district of The Downs — the property identified as Assessor’s Map R52, Lot 4. The plan included ideas for sustainability, connectivity, a mixed-use town gathering space, infrastructure, transportation, and land use.

According to the Nov. 1 agenda, “the Master Plan is the second step in the Planned Development process, which is followed by individual site plans and subdivision plans in accordance with the Town’s Ordinances.”

“I think what’s changed particularly since 2020 for the project is really kind of the housing piece in terms of housing affordability,” said Dan Bacon, on behalf of Crossroads Holdings. “That’s changed a fair amount over a two-year period, a three-year period. I think that’s represented quite well in this comprehensive plan versus the old one in terms of not only meeting affordable goals, which is in here, but also goals for workforce housing.”

The plan also includes connectivity within the downtown district with trails, sidewalks, and other streets within Scarborough. Infrastructure includes an underground electrical network. Scarborough Downs Road will become the “main street” of the project. There are “traffic calming” plans in place as well, locations where methods are used to slow traffic and signal to drivers that they are entering a more congested and pedestrian filled area.

Sustainability plans include integration of electrical vehicle (EV) chargers for 10 percent of the multi-family site parking lot spaces. Crossroads Holdings is consulting with Revision Energy on EV and other sustainability technology. Solar and solar-ready technology and electric heating methods such as heat pumps are being incorporated. The project is planned to be “highly walkable,” to reduce emissions.

The planning board discussed further development plans for the project.

“I really appreciate the consideration and the care that you’ve put into this and the direction that you’re going,” Planning Board Chair Rachel Hendrickson said. “It’s very nice to be able to see now how things are going to work together. How the connections are going to be made. We’re at that stage where all of a sudden people are going to see a lot more of the thought behind The Downs because we will see things connected … they will actually see this vision come together.”

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