Bowdoinham voters elected two new members to the town’s Select Board last Tuesday, who said they wanted to maintain an affordable community with a practical recycling program.

Local business owner Allen Acker and engineer Peter Feeney won the two seats over two other candidates, Wendy Cunningham, a former Select Board member, and engineer Paul Denis.

Having received the most votes, with 1,043 out of 3,574 total votes cast, a third of which were write-ins, Acker said his election is a result of his “longtime family ties, local knowledge and current participation in town affairs.”

“Exactly 50 years ago this year, my late grandfather was elected to this very same board,” Acker said. “The first message I received was from my grandmother expressing her pride and his in me. What more could I ask for? I am honored, humbled and ready to get to work.”

Prior to the election, Acker said his goal was to look at the meaning of “affordable” housing and how increasing property taxes are affecting residents.

Feeney, who received 760 votes said, “I am thankful to the citizens of Bowdoinham that have placed their faith in me to help conduct the business of the town. I am looking forward to the task but also am concerned to make sure I make the right decisions in the best interests of our community.”


Prior to the election, Feeney stated his main concern for Bowdoinham was the current recycling program.

The recycling program became a hot topic in 2020 when Bowdoinham officials moved operations from the Recycling Barn to the public works facility after the local inspectors deemed the building unsafe for the public.

Prior to 2020, the structure had been leased from barn owner David Berry, who spent the last two years making the required upgrades.

In September, Bowdoinham residents voted to move recycling operations back to the barn instead of constructing a new public works building — a vote that went against the Select Board’s recommendation.

Both Acker and Feeney said this is a key issue they are ready to handle.

“Constituents can expect a desire and persistence to get projects done and solve problems efficiently and effectively,” Acker said. “They can also expect that I will back up any stance or vote I make with the facts and information I use to make my decision openly and honestly.”

Results of the Bowdoinham Select Board race. Facebook photo

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