Many thanks to Rep. Chellie Pingree for championing efforts to end wasteful taxpayer-funded animal experiments and give a second chance to animals abused in government labs.

The watchdog group I work for, White Coat Waste Project, has uncovered cruel and outdated taxpayer-funded experiments on thousands of dogs, cats and other animals each year. Historically, most of the animals are killed when testing ends, even if they’re healthy, friendly or adoptable.

The good news is that dogs, cats, rabbits and primates in government labs have been retired in recent years following our investigations, campaigning and work with Congress. Some federal agencies now allow lab animal adoption. Rep. Pingree is helping bring about change by joining over 110 lawmakers cosponsoring a bipartisan bill to require all federal labs to allow the retirement of animals to shelters, rescues or sanctuaries.

It’s crucial to have contingency plans for animals in government labs; there’s growing acknowledgment that animal tests are wasteful. We’re working with Rep. Pingree and other members of Congress on both sides of the political aisle to end them.

Taylor Millard
Communications manager, White Coat Waste Project
Washington, D.C.

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