The holiday travel season is upon us, and the good news is things start out fantastic on Wednesday. Nearly the entire Country will be dry and there will be largely no temperature extremes to deal with. Except for some snow moving through Montana, I do not expect many weather-related travel delays.

Thanksgiving Day is shaping up to be a bit chilly, but nothing crazy for this time of the year. It will also be dry this year, unlike past seasons when nearly 5 inches of snow fell in 1971 or more than 3 inches of rain in 1978.

The coldest turkey day was 2018 and 1889 where a low of 7 degrees was recorded. The warmest Thanksgiving was back in 1941 with a whopping 71 degrees, more than 20 above average.

However, the dry and quiet weather will not last as a big storm could move up the East Coast on Friday into Saturday.

This is not set in stone yet and a lot can change in the forecast. There is a chance that low pressure gets stronger or “amplifies” as it moves into New England Saturday.

Rain, snow and wind are all on the table along with coastal flooding if the storm takes shape. Or it could be a glancing blow if all the ingredients don’t come together at the right time.

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