The recent Maine Voices column by Tom Desjardin (“The root causes of the 2022 gubernatorial election result,” Nov. 17) is correct in stating that Mainers tend to reelect incumbents. That is true nationwide, and almost goes without saying.

It is also true that Maine is becoming a more Democratic (party) state, and for that, Republicans have no one to blame but themselves and their policies, which lack appeal to a changing, younger and more tolerant electorate.

But Mr. Desjardins is incorrect in stating that the mainstream press will not support a Republican candidate. Sen. Susan Collins is the proof. It was not so long ago she was easily reelected. Paul LePage’s failure has little to do with the mainstream press. It has more to do with his demeanor.

It didn’t take a PhD in history to see that Mr. LePage was going to lose a race in which he said pretty much what he had said four and eight years ago, thus appealing to the same 35% to 45% of the electorate; there was no strong third candidate to weaken his opponent; and he was up against the well-established, effective and, above all, polite Janet Mills. As a citizen who believes that a lively policy debate is always beneficial, I really hope the Republicans will field a better candidate in four years. Paul LePage will do well to enjoy his retirement, in Florida.

Matthew Rawdon

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