Regarding the Nov. 18 news report “AG Merrick Garland names special counsel to lead Trump-related probes,” remember when Republicans, the self-proclaimed party of family values and guardians of veterans’ rights, demonized Special Counsel Robert Mueller? As a practicing Christian, husband and father, this decorated Vietnam War veteran was vilified, with Donald Trump leading the charge. Despite an unblemished resume, Mueller was depicted as biased, corrupt and part of a deep-state witch hunt out to undermine Trump’s presidency – none of which was true.

Now that Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to oversee the criminal investigation of the former president, distinguished Justice Department prosecutor Jack Smith, Republicans are not wasting any time in their pursuit of a newly minted propaganda offensive. With Trump at the helm again, this disinformation campaign has already made its way into right-wing media.

Although masterful at deflection and deceit, Trump’s influence may be waning. If the 2022 midterms taught us anything, it’s that Americans value democracy and no one, no matter how cunning, is going to change that.

Jim Paladino
Tampa, Fla.

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