President Biden backtracked on his promise to do something about the grisly 2018 murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Big oil and U.S. weapon sales win again.

Biden has decided to derail a U.S. lawsuit over Khashoggi’s killing with a bogus argument that Saudi Arabia’s leader now has immunity. Biden had a chance to stand up for human rights, for freedom of the press, and he blew it.

I worried when he fist-bumped Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman. MBS, as he is known, has bombed famine-stricken Yemen, and is known for cracking down on feminism, journalism, human rights – anything democratic. He represents the worst of autocratic, corrupt rule, and yet there was our president hypocritically meeting with him. As though he were just another head of state. That same hypocrisy shows in Biden’s cozying up to Israel, ignoring that country’s horrific oppression of Palestine.

I wish our president had the integrity of Maine’s Ed Muskie, a truly great leader, but he does not. Let’s find a younger, more honest and courageous candidate to run for president two years hence.

Steve Cartwright
Tenants Harbor

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