Retired electrical engineer Frank Slason opposes solar-fueled electricity because it will overwhelm our “crumbling electric grid” with too much power (“Letter to the editor: The unseen costs of switching to electric energy,” Nov. 19). He then argues for more nuclear power plants.

Because I am not an electrical engineer, I don’t understand why electricity generated by solar panels will overwhelm the grid but electricity generated by nuclear power somehow will not.

Obviously our grid needs to be modernized and expanded if we are to have a fighting chance of slowing global temperature increases. Better to use decentralized generation that is closer to where it is needed, i.e. solar farms. Highly centralized, large-scale generation facilities such as nuclear plants require building more grid.

At this point, we need to employ all options if we are to keep the planet from burning up: solar, wind, nuclear and increased efficiency and conservation.

Robert S. Howe

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