I am a fan of the good work that actor Patrick Dempsey has done through his creation and ongoing support of the Dempsey Centers. I read with interest in the Press Herald of his involvement with the Ecology School in Saco (“Patrick Dempsey makes pit stop at Saco school after filming ‘Ferrari,'” Nov. 10, 2022). The purpose of his visit, according to the article, was to meet students and film promotional videos for the school and one of its corporate partners: Poland Spring!

My interest turned to disbelief. How can the Ecology School, with or without Patrick Dempsey, promote and benefit from the mass consumption of bottled water?

Common sense tells us that more plastic is not a good thing, with bottles littering our roadsides and waterways. Add the carbon footprint of production and nationwide distribution for an unsustainable model. Bottled water can be useful for special situations and emergencies, but not for everyday use by people with access to safe potable water, as most of us in Maine do.

The Ecology School should be advocating sustainable solutions like stainless steel bottles, each one able to eliminate the need for thousands of plastic bottles. Do what’s right.

Phil Fournier
North Yarmouth

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