Now that the Secretary of State’s Office has validated Pine Tree Power’s signatures, it’s time to shed some light on the dangers of this multi-billion-dollar boondoggle. Pine Tree Power will use eminent domain to seize the assets of Central Maine Power and Versant Power, then create a government agency, run by elected politicians.

As a longtime CMP employee, I’m proud of the work we do to safely operate the electric grid. We constantly monitor usage, track outages and repair downed lines, all while keeping the lights on. Thinking about these responsibilities in the hands of politicians chills me to the bone. I’m sure they’ll work to maintain power – but something tells me, for many of them, it’ll be their own power they’re worried about.

Over the next year, people will try to convince you that Pine Tree Power will solve all our energy issues. In reality, it’ll cause even more. Electricity costs will continue to follow the price of natural gas until we get more renewable energy onto the power grid. Meanwhile, if this Pine Tree Power proposal passes, court battles will go on for years and years, jeopardizing the upgrades we need to be making to bring those renewables online. We will all be forced to pay off billions of dollars of Pine Tree Power’s debt, plus interest, and, of course, all the lawyers’ fees.

To those who are as concerned as I am, please join me, and many of my coworkers, in opposing Pine Tree Power.

Terri MacDonald
North Yarmouth

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