AUGUSTA — A police officer was legally justified in fatally shooting a man who rammed a cruiser several times following a pursuit in northern Maine, the state attorney general’s office said.

Jacob Poitraw, 25, of Presque Isle, died at a hospital after the June confrontation, which came a day after he allegedly threatened people with an assault rifle during a road rage incident.

The attorney general’s office concluded Thursday that the Presque Isle Police Department officer met the legal criteria for using deadly force because he was defending himself and others. It was reasonable for the officer to fear that Poitraw was still armed, and could open fire on officers, after twice ramming his cruiser, the attorney general’s office said.

Presque Isle Police were on the lookout for Poitraw after being contacted about the road rage incident. Poitraw called the police department after learning of charges but made threats instead of cooperating, police said.

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