The Maine Turnpike opened in 1947 at a time when cell phone technology did not exist, no one had heard of GPS, and drivers had to hand over a toll to a toll taker rather than whisk through an E-Z pass booth without stopping.

The Turnpike became New England’s first superhighway with a posted speed limit of 60 mph and became known, at least in its early stages, as the Mile A Minute Highway.

Maine Turnpike Authority leaders felt it was important to remind motorists that the highway continues to serve drivers on its 75th anniversary, which falls on Tuesday.

“There have been so many milestones and so many stories of growth and technological advancements on the Maine Turnpike. We wanted this very important anniversary to focus on the thousands, literally thousands of people who have been involved in developing and building the Maine Turnpike and keeping it running safely and efficiently now for generations,” Erin Courtney, public outreach manager, said in a news release. “There are so many human stories associated with this roadway, there has been no shortage of tales to tell.”

Courtney urged people who are interested in learning more about the Turnpike’s history to visit the Maine Turnpike Authority website,

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