“This is one of the best books I have read in years. ‘Labyrinth of Ice’ by Buddy Levy. The book is the harrowing true story of the Greely Expedition of polar exploration in 1881. The purpose of the journey was to explore as far north as man had ever ventured. The expedition made it to Ellesmere Island, northwest of Greenland. Adolphus Greely’s expedition did break the 300-year-old record in 1882, but at a terrible cost. As the water turned to ice and their ships could not move, dangers, including disease, insanity, mutiny and starvation threatened the men. Levy’s book is well-researched and presents a fascinating account of one of the more daring explorations in the 19th century. As their food dwindled, the men dreamt of what special food they would enjoy if they survived. As my wife and I took the Downeaster to stay at Parker House Hotel in Boston, I read that Lieutenant Greely dreamt of Parker House rolls.” —RICK ZACCARO, Portland

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