The cheerful and hardworking volunteers at the Press Herald Toy Fund have never been in it for the glory.

Down to a person they will tell you that it’s about bringing joy to the children.

In fact, aside from pizza lunches and other goodies donated by business supporters, they don’t get a lot of other rewards.

But, as volunteer Christopher Newell of Cape Elizabeth said, “it’s an important piece of being part of the community.”

The volunteers are vital to keeping the charity going year after year, just as the donors are. But, unless they also attach their names to donations, most volunteers never get mentioned in the newspaper.

So, here is a shoutout of gratitude to the 2022 Toy Fund volunteers:


Amy Pettit, Carl Akin, Barbi Diaz, Kathy Camire, Sheila Moran, Craig Kinney, Gail Kinney, Wayne Smith, Cathy Houlihan, Barbara Judge, Chris Newell, Joan Voyer, John Voyer, Margo Donnie, Mary Lou Schuster, Dianne Goodrich, Gretchen Stanton, Ida Connolly, Pat Cheney, Julie Pew, Janice Bancroft, Donny Bancroft, Janet Leaver, Linda Paul, Janet Edmundson, Sharon Dennison, Nancy Blanchard, Andrea Hall, Pat Knittel, Mary Peters, Rick Peters, Theresa Labreque, Joe Carlin, Jody Abbott, Jeff Payson and Zoe Sahloul.

In addition to these community members, there are many employees of the Press Herald who voluntarily helped in various ways to make the gift drive happen once again, especially Misty, Amy and Ericka.

The volunteers’ work is largely finished for the year. Toys and books have been distributed to families across southern and midcoast Maine, soon to put smiles on the faces of thousands of children.

Fundraising continues, as it does year-round, to make sure the annual tradition will keep going. And donations will continue to be listed in the Press Herald, Lewiston Sun Journal and Brunswick Times Record.


In memory of Joe Guertin – who loved toys. $50
Deemer Laddie $100
Richard & Margaret Boislard $50
JOCIJIANNA 73rd consecutive year! $500
In memory of our mom & dad, Joseph & Evelyn LeClerc and sisters, Margaret Lee & Victoria Perry. From Richard LeClerc & Mary Wescott $200
William P Cockburn $30
Merry Christmas to all! Janet & Jim Bither $100
Merry Christmas to all the children … David & Cindy Maxsimic $500
In memory of Liz Barker $100
In memory of Hollie and Clara Jordan, who loved Christmas. $100
In memory of Slim & Shorty $100
In loving memory of our grandson, Ryan D Smith. Love Gram & Papa $75
In memory of Lawrence S Allen Sr and Lou F (Allen) Nichols. From Beverly, Missy, Larry, Donna, & Lonnie Allen $40
In memory of Mom & Pop Perry, from Beverly & Lonnie Allen $40
In memory of Sally Simpson, from Beverly & Lonnie Allen $20
In memory of Ella & Bick $25
Teresa Messer $125
In memory of my mother, Dorothy $50
Thank you volunteers & Merry Christmas, children! Mr & Mrs Greenleaf $50
Chebeague Island Fire & Rescue Association – 2nd donation $210
The Fruitcake Lady & her Gent $50
Gaston Lee $50
Jane Henry $100
In honor of my children – Jean Koster $40
From the Merrill Family Christmas Clan in honor of Alice & Willa Merrill $400
Anonymous $500
In memory of Paul & Anne Chandler and George & Florence Stewart $300
Judy Benoit $100
John & Jean Northrop $100
Frank & Sharon Reilly $200
All is calm, all is bright … $5
Merry Christmas! Robert & Becky Malley $50
In memory of Tommy C, Mom & Dad C, Mom & Dad O, from Linda & Jack O $25
In honor of Susan Penna Bernier and in memory of L Philip Bernier $300
In loving memory of Virgil & Evelyn Hawkes $50
In loving memory of Donald Hawkes, by Paul Hawkes & family $50
In memory of our sweet granddaughter Lany Weatherbie, from Pappy & Nana Sharon $50
Sean & Marc $200
Anonymous $100
Santa likes poor children, too $100
Merry Christmas to all! Brock & Denise Kwiatkowsky $100
Lynn, John, & Kellen $100
Don & Lynn Johnson $200
Charles Hamblen $150
In honor of my parents, #3 of the 12 C’s $200
Anonymous $30
In honor of Lucy, PopPop, and Nannie $100
Louise McKenney $10
Lauren & Caroline Hester $50
Merry Christmas! Nana & Papa $25
Anonymous $500

TOTAL TO DATE: $176,332.


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