Karin Shupe Courtesy image

SCARBOROUGH — Scarborough’s newer town council member, Karin Shupe was elected to the council in November.

Shupe moved to Scarborough in 2005, after graduating from Quinnipiac University with a major in legal studies and a minor in political science. She volunteered in the Scarborough Zoning Board of Appeals in 2016. Shupe also works full-time as a paralegal.

“With my legal experience and political science degree, the Zoning Board was the perfect fit for me and I enjoyed serving there for six years, serving as its chair for two years,” Shupe said.

Shupe was also appointed to the Scarborough Ad Hoc Charter Review Committee. Before her election this past fall, Shupe was a member of the Scarborough’s Planning Board, Community Services and Rec Advisory Board, and the School Building Steering Committee.

Shupe said she was interested in joining the council in order to contribute to the community. “I have always enjoyed giving back to my community. I have learned a lot about Scarborough over my years of living and volunteering here and the challenges we face,” she said. “I am concerned about the rate of growth this town is experiencing and the environmental impacts from this growth has and the long term implications it has on the many natural resources our town is fortunate enough to enjoy.  The town council seemed like a good place to address these concerns and try to make positive change.”

“I believe my legal background will help (me) analyze and make recommendations to our ordinances, Shupe said. “My focus on following procedures and honoring our ordinances will uphold the integrity of our town.  My experience in the community and desire to give back has kept me motivated to make changes that benefit the community.”

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