I hope Rachel Greszler – author of the syndicated opinion column that compares comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s American Express Black Card with the federal debt limit (Jan. 27, Page A7) – reads the letter to the editor on the previous page from Peter Greene, where he illustrates how our huge national debt has been fueled over the decades by tax-cutting Republicans, not the spending habits of Democrats.

If the federal government had a salary like Jerry Seinfeld’s, it could easily qualify for an American Express Black Card. Sadly, the government is underpaid thanks to Republican politicians’ shortsighted vote-getting strategy of cutting taxes on the wealthy.

Not once in her column does Greszler refer to this lack of funding the government as a contributing factor to our country’s sky-high debt. As she explains, even those with Black Cards have their income levels continuously monitored, and can have their Black Card revoked if their income decreases too much.

If Jerry Seinfeld stopped having adequate funding resources, he would have his Black Card revoked. It is the Republican tax cuts on the wealthy that should cause a revocation of our Black Card. We still have the bill from previous years’ underfunded Black Card, and if we want American Express to qualify us to keep our Black Card, we have to pay our current bill, revoke Donald Trump’s tax cuts on the wealthy and work toward increasing our country’s salary.

Richard Hackel
Chebeague Island

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