Re: “Commentary: Failure to invest in residential facilities leaves Mainers with nowhere to go” (Jan. 15):

Maine Medical Center is taking responsibility to shelter and comfort people not needing the services of an acute care hospital but in need of long-term residential care that is not presently available.

Maine taxpayers could willingly assist with needs. The United States is a nation of deep pockets, across the spectrum of celebrities, public persons, U.S. congressional members, U.S. presidential candidates and numerous occupations. The problem is that people with deep pockets tend to prefer to use someone else’s money, not their own, to help the needy.

I do not think arbitrarily imposing any tax or taxes is palatable. (Not that I am against wealthy Americans paying an appropriate amount of income tax.) But, I do believe people with seriously deep pockets should take a look at the real world, in which they do not personally live, and willingly give to comfort and better the lives of the less fortunate and seriously needy in want of basic necessities or conveniences.

Richard Mackin Jr.

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