Eduard van Loenen’s Jan. 21 letter to the editor completely missed the point and simply backs up the misguided notion that all women in this country should abide by the religious laws of Catholics, Muslims and others who, for religious reasons, oppose abortion.

The fact that no qualified medical doctors made the decision in the case overturning Roe is egregious. Add to that, the majority was predominantly male.

Would you be prepared to stay at home with an 18-year-old son who can’t get out of bed, can’t speak, has to be turned over every few hours (though he was 170 pounds), has to be hand fed, isn’t toilet trained, etc.? (In other words, no motor capabilities, no brain function, no response mechanisms.)

I am talking about a woman I saw being interviewed (in New York City) in her son’s room, back when Roe itself was first being debated. She was captive. Her husband had left, so she couldn’t work. When she was pregnant, her doctors had told her that the child would never progress, but her clergy convinced her this little baby would be a joy for her. Sorry, not so.

No one is going to make you, or your denomination, or any other, have an abortion. You may adhere to your rules but to impose your rules on my life is what freedom of choice is all about. It is my life, my body. The only person who can legitimately tell me what to do is my doctor.

Jan Roberson

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