The horrendous headlines just keep coming; Before we can process one atrocity, along comes another. We become emotionally numb and cynical.

It is not just an American phenomenon. Gross inhumanity is on display every day, worldwide. How do we move on in our lives, knowing that humans can, and will, inflict unspeakable horrors on their fellows in the next minute somewhere?

I am trying to see some hopeful sign in all of this. I think that I have found some. I am struck by the incredible grace of Tyre Nichols’ parents, for example. In their shock and grief, and under incredible media scrutiny, they choose to teach us about the qualities and positive aspects of their son’s life. They seem to be trying to console us in our confusion and anger. Grace!

The many relatives, friends and neighbors of those brutally shot down in California also showed us their love and grace. It is almost counterintuitive. Anger and calls for revenge would seem like the normal response.

Humanity in the face of inhumanity. Grace in the face of rage. Perhaps these lessons, taken to heart, can help us all cope and hopefully become better human beings.

Ken MacLean

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