When your local school board does not want to hear from you, they make a last-minute change of venue. This is what happed to the Feb. 1 school board meeting. The policy for Transgender and Gender Expansive Students was up for a vote. A copy of the policy can be found under ACAAA on the board’s website. So what’s in the policy did they not want you to discuss?

Lines 11-12 may be interpreted that MSAD 15 will educate transgender and gender expansive students in how to become those types of students. Reading lines 77-80 leads to the question what right the district has to assume a student would need protection against their parents after announcing their intent in being transgender.

Look at lines 103-105 stating we taxpayers pay for an attorney, and for God’s sake, why would an attorney be needed to use against a parent?

I am sure as you read through this policy, you will find many other items for discussion. For example, line 88 states the administration may request documentation from outside providers. Aren’t medical records protected under HIPPA? And line 59 states the student does not need a medical diagnosis. Why not?

The school board chair announced at this meeting that there are many, many students this policy applies to. Just think about this: You send your son or daughter off to kindergarten and through the school’s indoctrination, they graduate as the opposite sex.

You have every opportunity at any school board meeting under the 2-minute public comment to question your school board. Even though the policy passed, line 16 opens the door for changes to be made if the public deems it necessary.

Fran Monroe