Thinking back to some of the clothes and hairstyles I wore in the ’60s and early ’70s, I cringe.

“For special occasions at (South Portland Junior High School), I wore a fake braided hairpiece around the crown of my head. Why, I have no idea,” Vicki Sullivan recalls. Courtesy Vicki Sullivan

“Did I really wear that?” is what I ask myself.

My most daring look was my black fake leather coat with matching John Lennon cap, in honor of the Beatles, that I wore to South Portland Junior High School. Although none of my classmates looked askance, this mod look was out of character for me, so I’m glad I don’t have any photos of this time.

And for special occasions at school I wore a fake braided hairpiece around the crown of my head. Why, I have no idea.

When I was in high school, I badly wanted to get my hair frosted. My mother wouldn’t allow me to, but she conceded by presenting me one Christmas with two fake frosted ringlets on bobby pins to go around the front of my face.

My clothing in high school was pretty conservative. Except for a couple of minidresses, my wardrobe consisted of classic sweaters and blouses and skirts.


However, freshman year in college, I became more daring again. I had two almost-platinum streaks around my face, done by a hairstylist at Porteous, where I worked part time.

I donned a red maxicoat and wore different miniskirts under it. Memorable were a pair of unisex striped bellbottoms and a pair of bellbottoms with appliques I sewed on. And, of course, platform shoes.

By the time I transferred to UMO my junior year, my wardrobe was conservative again, mostly jeans.

Should I call what I wore “the style” or “a fad”? I’m not sure. But, oh, to be that girl again!

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