I’m very disappointed at what most reporters felt were the most important parts of Kenneth Cianchette’s obituary to reprint in the news stories about his death.

By going to his full obituary at Legacy.com, you see that many writers left out: “He lived in Pittsfield for almost 80 years and served on the Town Council, the Planning Board, the Industrial Park Board, the SAD 53 School Board … .”

We are living at a time when many of our most innovative and knowledgeable people are lulled into believing that civic involvement is of little concern. A simple donation to a political candidate or cause is all that is needed to alleviate any sense of civic responsibility. Even when retired, many feel frequent recreational travels, events or other trivial, time-consuming pleasures are the way to fade out of this world.

We certainly will miss Ken’s hard work, innovation and business sense, but mainly the importance he put on civic involvement.

Theodore Sirois

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