SUMNER — A local man was arrested Monday night after an hourslong standoff on Butterfield Road.

Dean Hall, 54, was taken into custody at about 8 p.m., roughly eleven hours after police were called for a man reported to be throwing debris in the roadway in the area of 14 Butterfield Road.

Hall was charged with terrorizing, criminal threatening and causing a police standoff.

When police went the home at about 9 a.m.Monday, they found Hall holed up inside the house where he shouted threats and refused to come out.

“Upon arrival to the scene, Hall became very aggressive and making threatening statements towards family, neighbors and police,” according to an Oxford County Sheriff’s Office press release.

As Hall continued to hurl furniture and other household items into the roadway, police shut down traffic in the area. Local schools were notified, and buses were rerouted around the scene.


After several hours of failed negotiations, Oxford County deputies were joined by the Cumberland County and Southern Maine tactical response teams. After 11 hours of negotiations, Hall was taken into custody and brought to the Oxford County Jail.

For most of the day, Sumner residents followed the action and reported developments on various social media sites. Some reported that the situation had begun Sunday night when police were called to the home for a disturbance, although the nature of the earlier disturbance was unknown.

Earlier in the year, Hall was charged with stealing an 18-month old German shepherd in Livermore Falls. Charged with theft and violating conditions of release in that case, Hall is scheduled to appear in court on those charges in March.

There were no reported injuries in the Monday standoff.

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