South Portland police officers with the new badge. Courtesy photo

A new badge design is coming to the South Portland Police Department. The new design is the third one in the history of the department. The original design was in use until the early 1970s, when it was replaced by the one worn until the new 2023 badge.

After canvassing views from patrol officers, Police Chief Dan Ahern saw the desire for a new badge. The department created a committee to approve a design.

“Officers wanted to differentiate our badge from other departments and wanted to pay homage to the earliest badge of record for South Portland,” said Ahern.

The new design features the Bug Light lighthouse, a seagull, and the classic “Police” banner seen in the original badge. The 2023 design also changes the word “Patrolman” to “Officer” in the name of inclusivity, a shift important to the department.

The new badges are being issued to all sworn officers.

“Police officers take great pride in wearing the badge that represents the department and the community they have sworn to protect and serve,” said Ahern. “I am proud of the work that has been done to bring the new badge to our team. I’m even prouder of the officers that pin it to their uniforms.”

The new badge. Courtesy image

The three badges of the department’s history: the original, the one from early 1970’s to 2023, and the present design. Courtesy image

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