Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Board President Chrissy Mann, left, Yarmouth Community Services’ Karyn MacNeill and the chamber’s membership and events manager, Shawna Chigro-Rogers, celebrate the YCS honor. Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce

Yarmouth Community Services is the recipient of the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce President’s Award in recognition of its   response to urgent needs of New Mainers who arrived in Yarmouth in 2022.

Led by Karyn MacNeill, YCS supported families in need of clothing, food, shelter, medical assistance and transportation and translation services.

Yarmouth Town Manager Nat Tupper said in statemeent that MacNeill and her team’s “depth of concern, strength of service and resourcefulness demonstrated the incredible heart and capacity of the Yarmouth spirit.”

The award was presented at the chamber’s annual meeting on Feb. 9.

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