On Feb. 7, I was skating at Blake Skating Pond in Yarmouth, enjoying pirouettes, a perfect Dorothy Hamill afternoon. Then I fell and I broke my fall with my hands. I swooped up and skated to my car, nodded in a plea to a young lady to help me get into my car. As I sat in the trunk, she unlaced and removed my skates, then helped me into the front seat of the car and covered me with a blanket. She asked me if I wanted her to stay and talk. I thanked her and said I was fine. “If you change your mind, here,” she said as she put a business card in my cupholder that read: “What is God doing?”

I managed to text my husband with my pinky and when he and a neighbor picked me up, I called out to the girl in the bright pink sweater and long skating skirt, “You are my angel!”

I broke both wrists with a Colles fracture and additional lateral fractures in each. I’m so grateful to be healing quickly thanks to Mid Coast Hospital, excellent surgery, post-surgical care, physical therapy and love and care from my husband, family, neighbors and friends.

I’d like to thank the girl in the pink sweater who was carrying God’s business card that day. Not since the 1977 movie “Oh, God” did I remember that he really does have a business card.

MaryBeth Canedy