It’s like watching “professional wrestling” on television. The lobstermen present themselves as “the good, apple pie-loving, pure-as-new-fallen-snow good guys” battling for their way of life against the “the evil Feds and the dastardly self-interest environmentalists and the sluggishly stupid beasts that want to push us out of homes and way of life.”

That’s the feeling I got reading the March 14 report in the Portland Press Herald (“Maine lobstermen sue sustainability group for defamation over ‘red listing’”) that in my view should have been titled “Lobstermen with self-destruction syndrome against the world.”

Do the Maine lobstermen realize that suing an environmental movement in California is not the smartest thing to do? Did anyone tell the lobstermen that the easiest way possible to unify the environmental movement and all the dispersed and opposing environmental groups is to sue one of the groups?

It’s obvious that Maine lobstermen are not aware that everyone who takes one environmental group to court eventually picks a fight with every environmental group and movement. I think that fact might have been told to the lobstermen. But I don’t think they listened.

John E. Lavin

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