It is not surprising to see Gov. DeSantis stumble out of the gate as he begins testing the waters of presidential politics on the national stage. Despite a resume listing three terms as a congressman and his tenure as governor of the third most populous state, DeSantis’ grasp of geopolitics is that of a neophyte.

With a steep learning curve on the road to the White House, DeSantis would be wise to take a page out of the playbook of another young Republican governor who had aspirations of higher office: George W. Bush. On the heels of failed peace talks in the Middle East, and changes in leadership in Syria and Jordan, Bush put together a foreign policy team of wise men including, among others, the former secretary of state under President Ronald Reagan, George P. Shultz, who was masterful at managing America’s relationship with allies and adversaries alike.

Jim Paladino
Tampa, Fla.

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