I recently stopped at McDonald’s for lunch and was surprised to find the place loaded with Deering High School students. Packed around the counter, waiting for their orders, or waiting to order. I went to the back of the line. When they realized I was there, they moved and told me to go to the head of the line to order.

When I got my order, there were no seats available. Immediately, a student offered me her seat at her table. I declined and thanked her. A staff person brought a chair so I could sit and eat my lunch. Then two students got up and offered me their table.

Finally, I stopped to refill my drink and two students were there doing the same thing. They moved away and told me to go ahead of them. I told them I knew they had to get back to school and I didn’t need to be anywhere soon.

I was struck with the kindness, concern for others and camaraderie the students showed to each other and to me. They reaffirmed my sense that their generation is going to help this country and our society continue to move in the right direction. The future rides on their shoulders and the future looks bright.

Karen Johnson

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