The Cast:

Evie: An evangelical Christian from a small town in Oklahoma. Originally drawn to Donald Trump because he promised to appoint anti-abortion judges. Now she’s all in. Three MAGA hats. House filled with Trump paraphernalia. Has attended many Trump rallies and several CPAC conventions. Watches Fox News and doesn’t trust any other media.

Norm: A lifelong Republican. Owns a hardware store in suburban Pennsylvania. Voted for Trump in 2016 but became disgusted with him and switched to Biden in 2020, his first ever vote for a Democrat. Hopes that the Republicans nominate anyone but Trump, someone like Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley or John Sununu.


Evie: Hey, Norm, didn’t you love that CPAC conference? Wasn’t Trump great? I love the way he tells it like it is. He’s going to destroy all the other wannabes in the Republican primaries. We need him back in office to undo all the horrible things Biden has done.

Norm: Get a grip, Evie. Trump lost the election in 2020 and he’ll lose even worse in 2024 if he’s the nominee. You don’t win friends by leading an insurrection on the Capital. Plus, most Americans disagree with the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion. Besides, consider all the legal challenges that he’s facing. He can’t escape the clutches of the law forever. He might be in jail before the next election.


Evie: Why don’t you get a grip, Norm? You’ve lost your mind. Trump won the election, and you just won’t admit it. Besides, God is on our side. Trump is a real American plus he stands up to the bullies around the world. He always puts America first. As for all that legal stuff? That’s hogwash. Just greedy prosecutors doing what they’re doing because they hate Trump. Everybody knows that.

Norm: Earth to Evie. Trump puts Trump first. Always. The laws be damned. He doesn’t give a (expletive deleted) about you MAGA people. He just wants your money and your votes. He’s not strong; he’s weak. Look how he plays up to Putin and those other dictators. We have to get the Republican Party back to normal or we’ll never win another presidential election.

Evie: Hey, smarty pants, what about all those illegals crossing the border? How about that, huh? They just come here and take our jobs and get on welfare. And since you own a hardware store, you’re probably rich. Didn’t you like those big tax cuts Trump got passed?

Norm: Yes, Evie, I benefitted from the tax cuts, but some things are more important than money. Like our democracy. And yes, we have an immigration problem, but both parties have to work together to establish sensible immigration policies. Trump is a dictator and if he ever gets re-elected our democracy is dead. Don’t you see that?

Evie: How about all the crime in the streets? Those Democrats want to take away our guns so we won’t even be able to protect ourselves.

Norm: More guns won’t solve the crime problem. Evie. And how about all the serial killings? Again, Republicans and Democrats must work together to address the problems of guns and violence.


Evie: Norm, I can tell you’re just one of those lily-livered RINOs. And you’re probably not even a Christian if you don’t like Trump.

Norm: Actually, Evie, I’m a devoted Christian, but Trump is the most unChristian president we’ve ever had. Tell me what’s Christian about Trump.

Evie: Norm, you’re hopeless. I can’t argue with you. I’m done. I’m going to rewatch Trump’s amazing CPAC speech. Listening to him makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Norm: Enjoy your delusional fantasies, Evie. I’m going to the gym for a workout. I have to calm down so I can return to the real world.

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