Nonesuch River Brewing in Scarborough plans to add a parking lot across the street so customers at peak times aren’t forced to park along busy Gorham Road.

Adding a 49-space lot would bring the brewpub’s parking capacity to 103 vehicles. As many as 24 cars have been parked along Gorham Road when the current lot is filled, according to Lee Allen of Colby Co. Engineering, which is working on the plans with Nonesuch. Employees already have to park elsewhere and get a ride in, he said.

Nonesuch presented the Scarborough Planning Board with a revised site plan Monday that it said addressed the board’s earlier concerns about the new lot’s entrance and stormwater management given its proximity to neighboring wetlands. Board members still had some concerns with stormwater management, however.

“This parcel is adjacent to, and frankly encroaching on, one of the conserved crown jewels of our town, Warren Woods,” member Noah Perlut said. “We appreciate this is private land that you purchased, but I ask you all to please keep in mind the sensitivity of this parcel and the adjacent nature of it to Warren Woods. Particularly that this feeds right into Nonesuch River, the wetlands go directly into it.”

Chairperson Rachel Hendrickson called for fencing along the back of the parking lot to prevent plow trucks from pushing snow into the adjacent stormwater pond.

“It’s happened upon occasion that the plow has simply plowed the snow into a stormwater pond, so for the back of the parking lot I would appreciate it,” Hendrickson said. 


The board’s concern about the parking lot entrance is largely related to stormwater management as well, and Allen said Nonesuch is working with planning staff to get that resolved.

“I think we’re close,” he told the board.

Recognizing the need for more work on the plan, board members praised Nonesuch for its cooperation and contribution to the community.

“Knowing your business, you guys are great community partners, without question,” Perlut said. “I appreciate that.”

“I suspect that you’ve been waiting a very long time for this type of modification or addition to your business,” said board member Jennifer Ladd. “I’m happy to see that it’s working out this way.”

Nonesuch River Brewing in Scarborough has proposed a new 49-space parking lot across the street from their brewpub on Gorham Road. Contributed / Scarborough Planning Board

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