As a middle schooler, I have asked myself the same simple question countless times since the shootings in Bowdoin and Yarmouth: Why? I understand the mental illnesses that can contribute to a murder or a mass shooting event. I believe that it is not entirely the perpetrator’s fault; the places where they bought the gun are at fault, too. Hunting is an entirely different story. Hunting is fine and should be protected, especially in Maine.

According to the BBC, for every 100 residents in the U.S., 120.5 guns are owned on average. That is simply too many guns.

The main weapon used in mass shootings is the semi-automatic AR-15. The only reason a civilian would buy an assault weapon is to kill people. The stores are basically saying: “Here, you can buy this gun. But once you use it, you’re gonna get arrested.” That is why they shouldn’t sell them in the first place.

Sens. Angus King and Susan Collins, and Rep. Jared Golden should support an assault weapons ban. By not doing so, they are putting everyone’s lives in danger. I cannot comprehend why that is OK for them. For me, it is just unthinkable that our elected officials don’t support the safety of their voters. A ban on assault weapons is necessary.

Leif Hellstedt

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