Yarmouth will continue its efforts to make town roadways more friendly to pedestrians and bicycles with the planned installation this summer of marked bike lanes on South Street from Main to West Elm.

“Advisory lanes have been installed in several streets in town, and they create that space on roads where there are no sidewalks for people to walk or bike,” said Colin Durrant, chairperson of the town’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee. “We’re finding it really benefits both cyclists and pedestrians.”

Designated lanes exist already on Bates, Bowdoin, Cumberland and Bridge streets and Morton Road.

Like those installed earlier, the South Street lanes will be marked with dashed lines and signs advising drivers that they drive in the center but are permitted to enter the bike/pedestrian lane when they encounter oncoming vehicles.

“Our roads should be for everyone, not just cars,” Durrant said. “Especially smaller streets that are close to the village.”

The advisory lane system, which also tends to slow the speed of traffic, is good for the town, said Director of Planning and Development Erin Zwirko.


“It provides good spaces for pedestrians and bicyclists, particularly on popular walking routes in the village,” Zwirko said. “Hopefully, it will be successful.”

The South Street project will be rolled into the town’s annual striping contract, she said.

Following an information session on May 16, the town is hoping to install the advisory lanes sometime this summer.

The information session will be held online at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16. For login information, go to yarmouthme.us.

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